Scenery In France

Famous to its wines and cheeses, France is the worlds most popular traveller destination getting 82 million international tourists annual. Visitors are attracted by historical cities, a gorgeous countryside, the castles of the Loire Valley, and Brittany and Normandy. St Tropez Hotels 2. Chamonix Hotels 3. Mont Saint Michel Hotels – The Chenonceau Chateau is possibly the most well-known chateau in the Loire Valley. The chateau, built from the sixteenth century, spans the River Cher, with passages for boats at the bottom. After Versailles, it is among the most visited castle in France, and is noted for beautiful gardens. A shrine to the Virgin Mary atop Mons Anicius has drawn pilgrims from before the Middle Ages.

Notre Dame Cathedral is the most famous attraction for tourist. Visitors also may want to attempt Verveinegreen liquor flavored with verbena. Travelers who like to sip sparkling wine will delight in a visit to Epernay, a little city south of Reims that’s famous for its champagne. The Avenue du Champagne is where to taste because its flanked by champagne makers. Each May, the elite of the worlds film making business descends upon this particular French Riviera city for the Cannes International Film Festival. While screenings are not open for people, fans can look for their most favored stars as they enter and leave movie venues, dine out at restaurants, shop or see one of the beaches.

Val dIsre is a popular skiing resort in south-eastern France close to the border with Italy. The charming village finds its 1, 800 residents outnumbered 15 to a few by guests in winter season. Nmes is a town in southern France, which was once probably the most crucial cities of Ancient Rome Gaul. A fact thats made clear by the citys collection of Ancient Rome buildings, such as a marvelous amphitheater and a well preserved Ancient Rome temple. Due to this, Nmes is frequently referred to as the French Rome. Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Rhone River delta, the Camargue is the largest river delta at Western Europe.

The wetland area is famed to its teeming birdlife about 500 species such as the pink flamingo. Equally famous are the Camargues little white horses that roam the extensive marshlands. Vieux Lyon, or Lyon Old Town, is the largest Renaissance district at Lyon, if not at Europe, and the first at France to be covered under particular French laws protecting cultural sites. Old Town is full of narrow streets lined with quaint buildings that now house museums and shops instead of individuals. Bonifacio is a town in the south west region of the island of Corsica. The nearby shore features chalk white limestone rocks the ocean has carved into unusual shapes. Erosion has whittled away at the cliffs in order that buildings seem to be almost hanging over the edge.

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